A few words about me

My name is Cecilia Tingman and I have loved dogs since I was a little girl. Through out the years I have had many different breeds and I had been fond of Chihuahuas a long time when I finally bought my first one in 2009. It didn’t take a long time until the whole house was full of this happy pills. 

I live in Bromma, Stockholm, but most of the time I spend in my house on the countryside not far from Arboga. I used to work in the bank business for many years but changed track and after some years of studying chiropody, therapy treatment with dogs and to become an assistant nurse (undersköterska), I’m now working in a retirement home.
I am educated in breeding by the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK). I am interested in dogshows and I think it is a good tool to show the dogs that will be used in breeding. I always check the dogs for patellaluxation and eyecheck the dogs before breeding. I am very keen to retain the health of the breed. In the same time I think it is important to keep the type and the appearance of the breed. A challenge, yes, but also a goal that makes your breeding more fun and more worthwhile.

Chihuahua is for me the ultimate breed. They have a convenient size and even though they're small they follow you on long walks and you can train everything with them as you can with a big dog. The food account is low and they don't require much grooming. A relatively healthy breed and they can grow very old. They are incredibly intelligent and trainable. Very cuddly and love to sit on the lap and be close to you on the couch. Because they are so small and take up less space, you can have several even though you live in an apartment. If you have several they enjoy each other and it's so interesting to study the interaction between them. Of course, in some situations, you have to be extra careful for they are after all very small and they are not always aware of that. A chihuahua should be tough and alert, and it makes them to pay attention and react to things that happen around them. It can bring them sometimes, and especially when they are in a group, to be a little bit barky but it varies greatly between individuals, and you can train that to some degree.

I apologize that not all the text on this website is in English. Hope you enjoy it anyway!



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