Planned litter 2018


I'm so exited about this litter!

Barnaby (C.I.B. MultiCH Small Is Beautiful Fine Mess) is a proven stud with many gorgeous offsprings, many of them champions. His pedigree is great! His father is FI CH GB SHCH ME CH MK CH PT CH RS CH Misty Meadow's Orlando Furioso and his mother is SE CH Small Is Beautiful's Oh So Pretty.

Celine (Luscious Check Me Out) is the dog that stands closest to my heart. She has just one more CAC to become a swedish champion. She has several R-CAC so hopefully she'll achieve her championtitle this summer. Her father is SE CH SmalI Is Beautiful's Hay Bale Maze and her mother is Tickawis Buttercup.

Both Celine and Barnaby are patella checked with the result 0/0 and eye checked clear.


This litter is planned for this autumn.

Thank you so much Gabriella and Samuel Carlid to let this dream-litter come true!



Planned litter spring 2019

Planned litter 2018

2018-03-06  Update: Unfortunately Linnie didn't get pregnant this time. We will try again next time she's in heat.


Puppies are planned between Linnie (Mis Tesorito's Piedra De La Luna) and Sivert (Elith Show Me The Money Honey).

Sivert's parents are Multichampions and two of the most gorgeous chihuahuas in Sweden according to my taste. His father is MultiCH MultiW MultiJW MacEnvi Highlander and his mother is BISS C.I.B MultiCH Elith Be Luca'Licious.

Linnie has a nice pedigree on her father's side. Her grandfather is C.I.B DK UCH FI JV-07 FI V-08 NORD JV-07 NORD UCH Chico Querida's Tuxedo Royale and her grandmother is SE UCH Lazy Daze Tender Love.

Both Sivert and Linnie are patella checked with the result 0/0 and eye checked clear.

Linnie - Mis Tesoritos Piedra De La Luna

Sivert - Elith Show Me The Money Honey

  • Linnies farfar

    JV-07 NORD UCH
    Chico Querida's Tuxedo Royale

    Bild lånad av IngRus.

  • Siverts pappa

    C.I.B Nordic CH
    Latvian Champion, Baltic
    W-16, NO W-14, DK W-14,
    KBH W-14, Nordic
    JW-14, Fi JW-14, Helsinki
    JW-14, NO JW-14, DK
    Junior Winner-14, KBH
    JW-14, BOG2, 1st
    Yearling Class Crufts 2015,
    VHC Open Class Crufts 2016,
    Qualified for Crufts, #1 Most
    winning LC male in Sweden 2015
    MacEnvi Highlander

    Bild lånad av Elith.

  • Siverts mamma

    BISS C.I.B NORD CH, SE & DK & FI & NO CH KBH W-14 DK W-15 SE W-16 VHC Open Class Crufts 2016
    Elith BE Luca'Licious

    Bild lånad av Elith.