Luscious Beauty Beyond Belief SE44479/2013
Date of birth: 2013-06-23
Breeder: Luscious kennel
Sire: SECH FICH EECH LVCH Chiliwawa's No Shit Sherlock
Dam: Tickawis Buttercup
Weight: 3 kg +
Bite: Reverse scissor 6+6
Molera: Closed
Patella: 0/0

Eyes: Clear from severe hereditary eye-diseases. She has a very small retinal dysplasi on one eye. (Mycket litet näthinneveck på ena ögat. Enligt veterinär och SKK inget hinder för avel om partnern är fri från detsamma.)

Owner: J. Tingman, Luscious kennel has the breeding right.

Lovely temperament. Very calm, pondering over life, always looking for something to eat. She is a wonderful mother.
She is the mother to my E-litter.