Luscious first litter has arrived!

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Date of birth: 2012-06-01

Två hanar föddes fredagen den 1 juni 2012. Tyvärr fick den ena avlivas efter ett dygn då han hade fel på tarmkanalen.

Weight at birth:

Creme: 130 g

White with sable dots: 65 g




Luscious Adorable Firstborn Miracle


Date of birth: 2012-06-01

Sire: Franssohnskagårdens Casper "Eddie"

Dam: Trollmons Tassars Nala "Lillan"

Weight at birth: 65 gram

Weight as an adult: 2 kg

Color: white with sabel spots

Coat: Smoothcoat


Not for show or breeding. Just a beloved pet. Neutered.

Owner: Maud Söderholm


Noah 2 years old.



  • 16 days - weight 242 gram

  • 16 days

  • 4 weeks

14 days - 218 gram

Sire to litter A - Eddie (Franssohnskagården Casper)

Lillan with both of her sons. A very caring mother.

The creme-male just became 1 day. RIP little fellow <3